The Energy Factor™

What is it?

Energy production within the human body is a process by which nutrients are converted into usable energy for all our muscles, organs, and body systems.

Without the energy factor, nutrients may not be digested and absorbed properly, or the nutrients are stored as fat. In both instances, you’re not getting energy from your food.

The LifesMiracle Energy Factor comes from a group of nutrients designed to stimulate the production of energy and facilitate the delivery to the cells.

The Energy Factor promotes:

  • ATP/Creatine/Glycogen Production Cycle
  • Digestive System
  • Increased Basal Metabolic Rate
  • The Electrical Brain and Nervous System
  • Increased oxygen levels
  • Healthy weight loss
Energy Factor

You need the Energy Factor for good health!

The Energy Factor in our nutritional supplements
The Ionic mineral complex in our supplements is either naturally occurring, or added through our proprietary Sango Mineral blend. The Ion Factor may enhance the anti-oxidant effect of our supplements.

The Energy Factor in our Air Sanification Products
“Studies show that over 58% of our energy comes from the air we breathe!" Fungi and mold spores, aeroallergens, as well as toxins from our environment, interfere with the metabolic process and bind oxygen lowering our energy levels. Our proprietary technology binds with the toxins in the air and on the surfaces in your auto or home breaking them down to harmless substances.

 -Dr. Nabarun Ghosh PhD professor of Aerobiology, West Texas A&M University.

The Energy Factor in our Water Purification and Ionizing Systems
Alkaline water produced in our Agua Miracle water ionizer alkalizes, hydrates, and raises oxygen levels in the body which naturally increases energy levels.

Who can benefit?

The Energy Factor may be extremely beneficial for:

  • Those who need more energy;
  • Those who need mental clarity;
  • People who need to lose weight;
  • Everybody!

LifesMiracle Biofactors

Learn how the proprietary LifesMiracle Biofactors can have a positive influence on your health:

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