The Regeneration Factor™

What is it?

Regeneration FactorBackground: Studies confirm that stem cells are responsible for 50% to 70% of your body's healing and repairing! The more stem cells or “building blocks” available, the faster and more efficiently organs and other body tissue can be repaired.

Our overall health is strongly influenced by the continued availability of extra stem cells in our bodies. But as we age our natural stem cell count begins to decline.

Natural adult stem cells can migrate to damaged tissues and actually become a new heart cell, liver cell, pancreas cell or any type of tissue cell.

  • The Regeneration Factor is the body’s ability to heal itself through the support, activation, and release of your healthy stem cells;
  • The stem cells are created in the bone marrow and when released can travel through the bloodstream to rebuild and repair any part of the body in need!
  • This is NOT stem cell therapy. It’s the activation and release of stem cells already created by your body!

The Regeneration Factor in our nutritional supplements:

Proper nutrition is the key to the production and support of healthy stem cells!

There are specific compounds found in food sources that naturally contain the Regeneration Factor. Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) found in our Green Cell 50/50, Pterostilbene from Blueberry Extract, and Acai Berry in our Gammaqui have been shown to effectively support and activate the release of healthy stem cells in the body.

Who can benefit?

The Regeneration Factor may be extremely beneficial for:

  • Athletes and those who are active
  • People who have sustained injuries
  • Those with health problems

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