For the first time ever: Molecular Hydrogen combined with Ionic Coral Minerals

HydroCal Plus capsules are a groundbreaking new supplement for adding the benefit of high-dose active Molecular Hydrogen (H2) plus 74 bio-available coral minerals. As the capsule reacts, millions of tiny hydrogen bubbles infuse and saturate the body's cells.

Molecular Hydrogen generates an electron- rich potential (-ORP) that can be measured! This rare property is uniquely found in fresh, raw living foods and juices, mother’s milk and many of the world’s healing waters1.

What is Molecular Hydrogen?

Two atoms combine to form Molecular Hydrogen, the smallest and most mobile molecule in existence. Molecular Hydrogen's exclusive property gives it greater cellular bio-availability than any other nutrient or nutraceutical.

Because hydrogen is so small, it can penetrate deep into the cells to eliminate free radicals at their source, in the mitochondria. Also, due to its size, hydrogen can easily cross the blood brain barrier to eliminate free radicals in the brain.




What are Coral Minerals?

Coral minerals are unlike any man made food supplements available. Fossilized stony coral minerals were once immersed in seawater for thousands of years and over time they were raised above the sea. Coral has retained mineral properties of all 74 important seawater minerals.

These minerals are very similar to the mineral composition of the human body. The near perfect match and resulting benefits of coral minerals for human consumption are unbeatable and cannot be duplicated in a laboratory.

What can Molecular Hydrogen do for your Health?

The following evidence-based health benefits are among the many advantages of supplementing with Molecular Hydrogen:

Molecular Hydrogen...

  • converts the body’s most harmful free-radicals to water3
  • regulates the body’s antioxidant system including SOD and Glutathione4
  • supports cell metabolism5, cell-signaling and gene expression6 which may give anti-aging effects7
Many health minded people have discovered Molecular Hydrogen and are reporting more energy, better focus, improved physical performance, fast recovery and an overall increase in their state of health.


Health researchers worldwide are rediscovering these benefits in a big way.

There are now more than 500 research papers, as well human studies, showing that Molecular Hydrogen can be a beneficial nutrient in nearly every facet of human physiology, especially at the cellular level.

Want to learn more?

There is an abundance of information, research and clinical studies on the benefits of Molecular Hydrogen. We encourage you to seek these out using your favorite search engine. Over 500 peer-reviewed articles demonstrate hydrogen to have therapeutic potential in essentially every organ of the human body and in 150 different human disease models.

Source: , which is a science-based nonprofit focused on advancing hydrogen research, education, and awareness.

We provide all-natural minerals derived from coral in hundreds of health food stores across the country and around the world. We are one of the very first above sea coral calcium companies to use Eco-safe® environmentally friendly harvesting practices of fossilized ocean coral.


To learn about the amazing benefits of Molecular Hydrogen, visit:


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HydroCal Plus Coral is not harvested from Japanese waters!

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