"Much More Than an Energy Drink! Revitalizing Power for the Mind and Body - Now in the convenience of a Capsule!"

- Dr. Kurt Grange PhD., Biophysiologist

Ionic Fuel Nitro3 Caps Proprietary Energizing Formula

Contains a synergistically balanced combination of herbal extracts

The botanicals included in Nitro3 are some of the most widely researched and highly acclaimed in the world for their health giving attributes— together in one formula!

The herbs and fruit extracts in Ionic Fuel Nitro3 Caps:

More vitamins and minerals in Ionic Fuel Nitro3 Caps

The body requires a great number of different nutrients to maintain health, especially in stressful situations. Ionic Fuel has more nutrition than any energy drink, with higher quality than most nutritional supplement formulas! Compare it to any energy drink available! It is a Healthy Alternative to Energy Drinks!

We list every ingredient so you know exactly what you're getting. Click here for the complete ingredient list!

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60 Capsules 30 Day Supply

Supplement Facts

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